Guest Book (Journal)

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Guest Book (Journal)
Guest Book (Journal)
Guest Book (Journal)
Guest Book (Journal)
Looking for a personal gift, why not a guest book for friend or family member that always entertains and has people over. Or for that Airbnb owner, to record amazing memories of their guests. 
We engrave all our journals using a laser cutter that precisely etches/cuts every detail.  Sourcing local sustainable timber and hand-binding, each and every journal ensures all your fantastic thoughts are recorded for prosperity. Providing that personalised gift to a friend or loved one or even noting down your own thoughts. 

A great feature of our journals is their inability to bend/flex when being used. Perfect for the travelling artist or the avid writer. Providing a flat and stable surface for all your musings and mutterings to be jotted down.

Product Details:

  • Small Journal: 148x198mm (without binding which adds another 22mm)

  • 100  Lined pages (50 sheets)

  • Front and back cover laser cut from sustainable wood

  • Made in Australia from sustainable wood

  • Orders ship from our Sydney studio within 1-2 business days


  • Please supply all the required information for the guest book, and understand that every address is different. Our skilled designer will typeset the address using the same fonts in the example but the layout may vary slightly.

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